What are Smart Meters?

Smart Meters are digital utility meters that send customers’ detailed usage information to the utility using a radio-frequency transmitter (or over the power lines in the case of Powerline Carrier (PLC) systems.  Some meters also contain other capabilities, such as remote shut-off.   Smart Meters are part of a larger plan to change the electricity grid to a smart grid–though there is controversy about whether the customer meter is actually crucial to that change. Electric smart meters are replacing older analog style meters, while gas smart meters are generally small devices attached to existing gas meters.  Wireless water meters are also being installed in many regions.

Smart meter planning in the United States is related to the Energy Act of 2005 and administered by the US Dept of Energy, the FCC, and each state’s public utilities commission (PUC). However, in that Act, there was NO mandate to force all residential customers to accept installation of smart meters–only that they would be offered. Local utility companies in many states have been approved to install smart meters but this does NOT mean you have to accept them on your home or business.

Innovative and Helpful or Controversial and Dangerous?

The innovative and helpful technology that makes smart meters useful in a technologically driven society is also inadvertently a very controversial and potentially dangerous health hazard.  Nearly every type of smart meter being utilized today emits some form of RF (radio frequency) or EMF (electromagnetic field).  There are numerous findings and reports from independent studies and major institutes, including the World Health Organization, that indicate that the type of RF and EMF radiation generated by smart meters is considered a Class 2B Carcinogen.  Those same studies have shown that these types of Carcinogens are repressible for all sorts of health issues including headaches, dizziness, nausea and even tumors or various types of cancer.  Other research has indicated that the type of radiation emitted from so called smart meters is even capable of altering or destroying DNA.  I think we can all agree that having ones DNA irrevocably altered by a piece of technology can’t be good for our children or our future generations… 

There have also been a significant number of reports saying smart meters have been catching on fire. Most recently, we have read many news stories about a series of homes all within the same location catching on fire. The initial location of the fire is said to the the homes smart meter. While there is still a huge need to continue to prove the true causes of these fires, what is certain is that many of the fires did start at the smart meter. There could be a number of variables associated to the cause of these fires but, if the meters are burning because of power spikes going in through the power lines, a good solution would be the EMP Shield. Our device protects not only against EMP and solar flares, but also defends a home against lightning and power surges. The EMP Shield will actually level out the electricity coming into the home which we believe will assist greatly in reducing the potential for smart meter fires.

In closing, should you be concerned with Smart Meters and their effects on you and your families lives?  In our humble opinion, yes.  However, as always, we encourage you to do your due diligence and conduct your own research in order to inevitably draw your own conclusion. 

We would love to hear your thoughts. Be sure to post a comment below. 

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What is an EMP Shield?

EMP Shield™ is the worlds only tested and approved EMP protection technology for an entire electrical system.

Built to exceed military standards (MIL-STD-188-125-1), EMP Shield is also one of the worlds fastest whole home surge protectors operating in less than 1 billionth of a second.

EMP Shield is designed to protect an entire home from Lightning, CME (coronal mass ejection, power surges, and an EMP (electromagnetic pulse). Proven and tested at Keystone Compliance, a Federally approved Department of Defense (DOD) testing facility, Our EMP Shield was struck with over 40x EMP strikes with no impact to the device.

How Does It Work?

The EMP Shield can see and protect all the electronics and equipment connected to your electrical system.

This is accomplished by shunting (shorting) the over voltage coming in from the Grid and the voltage surges that are collected within your home.

Whether the electrons are collected within your home or are attempting to come into your electrical system from outside the home (the grid), the EMP Shield will see the surge and protect your electrical system.  The EMP Shield reacts in less than 1 billionth of a second. Since the shunting is completed incredibly fast, the over voltage is drained away from the equipment before the voltage can rise high enough to damage any equipment. We call this new technology SightSpeed™

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