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Our affiliate portal allows you to track coupon usage as well as link clicks. You can get your new trackable link in the referral URL tab below in your affiliate dashboard. Be sure to use this new link as it is required to track link clicks and also puts your coupon into the customers cart automatically.

The affiliate dashboard (this page) is where you will see all your sales and commissions data. Located at the bottom of the page is additional info and marketing material for you to use. 

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In our marketing resources section you will find a the tools you need to help you sell our products. Resources include: brochures, videos, ads, images, and product data. Other resources are available on request. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question or looking for information? Check out our frequently asked questions page. This page adresses the most common questions we see from our affiliates. This page is handy to quickly get an answer to your question?


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Have a question that isn’t listed in our frequently asked questions page? Let us know by clicking the contact us button. We strive to answer all questions as quickly as possible. 

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