I think anyone who’s lived through an Ice Storm can answer this question with ease.  However, the experts at the ASCE or American Society of Civil Engineers, regularly evaluates, reviews and issues strength/weakness reports regarding the Continental United States Power Grid.  The latest study published in 2017 shows not only is the state of our current power transmission lines steadily declining but will eventually need a total and complete overhaul.  Like all things made by man, the system will critically fail, whether it be due to aging equipment, a rogue nation bent on our destruction or inevitably crossing paths with a CME (Coronal Mass Ejection), make no mistake friends, it will fail…

For over 140 years now, the sprawling masses have enjoyed Electrical Power in one form or another, causing a greater demand for electrical power more now than ever.  Cheap, reliable and readily available electricity has evolved from being an exquisite luxury and marvel of the ages to a critical necessity that today, every one of us takes for granted.  From charging our portable devices to keeping a terminally ill patient alive long enough to say goodbye to loved ones, electricity has become engrained in every aspect of our lives.  However, a booming population has taxed an aging infrastructure so dangerously close to the edge of a catastrophic failure that the ASCE estimates it would take nearly $4 Trillion to repair and replace the grid.

As it stands today, one or two well placed or aerially detonated HEMP devices WOULD catastrophically send our civilized society spiraling back into the dark ages.  Except these dark ages would include a global population of over 7.6 Billion people, whom suddenly can’t refill a prescription, buy groceries or heat/cool their homes.  With over 17,000 miles of fragile electrical transmission lines ran throughout the United States and transformers being backordered and built overseas, such an event would take years and years to recover from…

How Safe is the Power Grid?
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