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Track all sales in real time & receive payments automatically! Create custom links, campaigns and even track how many visits you bring to the website! 

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Help grow a brand and product that has a goal of changing the world in a positive way by protecting those we care about. 

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Be a leader within your community by promoting the World’s first whole home EMP defense technology and ensuring the safety of those around you.

New Affiliate Portal is Almost Finished and Will be Available the 3rd Week of March 2021!

Our new portal will have some incredible new features

Updated Dashboard and Reporting Options

We believe that providing you with the best sales data and tools in critical. Our new portal provides every affiliate with an incredible suite of tools to view your sales data.

Monthly Sales Reporting + Export to Excel Options

nOur new affiliate portal allows you to view all sales by month to give you 100% accuracy on how much you earned each month. We also have built in a export to excel option for you to backup your data into a spreadsheet. 

Individual Sales Reporting

We have built in a sales reporting feature in the new affilaite fortal which will show you the order number, city each sale was made, the units purchased by the customer and a first name. While we still are protecting customer privacy, you will now have the data you need to improve your sales efforts. 

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